The Hanger Clinic O&P Residency Program

Fulfill your residency educational requirements while finding a potential career path with Hanger Clinic.

The Hanger Clinic Residency Program helps prepare new graduates for competent, autonomous clinical practice in the field of orthotics and prosthetics. We utilize a comprehensive, gradual experiential model within a broad-based professional and academic environment conducive to the education and training of tomorrow’s corporate and industry leaders.

About the Program

With hundreds of locations across the country and our vast clinical team, we strive to find new ways to empower human potential for those with physical challenges while remaining true to our rich history of superior clinical outcomes and customer service. 

We count on our residents to continue this tradition by offering a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, patient-oriented training environment that focuses on the development of new clinicians in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Our clinics offer a strong sense of collaboration and teamwork, as well as unsurpassed education and opportunities to advance your career. Learn from the best clinicians, explore specialties, and work with the very latest technology.

Become a Resident

We have an unrivaled team of clinical talent that’s growing, and we’re looking for people just like you. Let us welcome you here at Hanger Clinic.

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