Research & Innovation

We not only stay at the forefront of emerging technologies and clinical techniques, we're also driving them forward.

The power to make informed, evidence-based decisions has never been more important than in today’s healthcare environment, which is why we work hard to ensure our efforts are backed by science and at the forefront of orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) care.

Through landmark research studies, our Department of Clinical and Scientific Affairs—in partnership with leading researchers and professionals—develops insights-based clinical programs designed to help patients meet their goals and improve their outcomes. Every day, our clinical teams utilize these innovative techniques to ensure the best possible care for each person we serve.

Mobility Analysis of AmpuTees (MAAT)

MAAT represents one of the largest multicenter retrospective analyses of mobility among lower limb prosthetic patients.

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Clinical Outcomes

ME™ by Hanger Clinic is our data-driven, evidence-based program designed to monitor and improve patient outcomes.

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Clinical Practice Guidelines

Our Clinical Practice Guidelines are based on the best available evidence related to a specific pathology or episode of care.

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Post-Op Care

Our post-op care protocol is designed to protect the residual limb, prepare patients for a prosthesis, and address emotional needs through support and education.

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Introducing the Department of Clinical and Scientific Affairs

We are proud to be the only O&P company to have a dedicated Department of Clinical and Scientific Affairs. Our team of leading clinicians and researchers ensures our 1,500 clinicians are educated, informed, and prepared to serve patients utilizing the best available evidence, clinical techniques, and recommendations.

Meet the Team

  • test image 2 jim

    James Campbell, PhD, CO, FAAOP

    Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer View Bio >
  • Thomas Dibello

    Tom DiBello, CO, LO, FAAOP

    Director, Clinical & Scientific Affairs
  • steve mandacina

    Steve Mandacina, CP, FAAOP

    Director, National Upper Limb Program
  • Phil Stevens, MEd, CPO/FAAOP

    Director, Clinical & Scientific Affairs View Bio >
  • Shane Wurdeman, PhD, CP, FAAOP (D)

    Director, Clinical Research View Bio >

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