Pediatric Prosthetics & Orthotics

Helping children live empowered lives.

We understand the unique physical, emotional, and social needs of our youngest patients. By teaming up with parents and other care providers, we work hard to deliver the best possible outcomes for each child.

Our skilled pediatric clinicians treat children with a variety of mobility and musculoskeletal conditions, from providing prosthetic devices to creating scoliosis braces and cranial-reshaping orthoses. We closely monitor progress over time, incorporating age-appropriate treatment plans and applying new, innovative technologies to ensure the best possible care throughout each child’s journey.


We specialize in upper and lower limb prosthetics designed to help growing children adapt to new and changing environments, gain independence, and restore function and mobility, so they can live full lives with endless possibilities.

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We provide a full range of pediatric solutions, including cranial helmet therapy for babies, leg and hip braces for children of all ages, preventative sports orthotics for young athletes, and more.

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