MiGO by Hanger Clinic

Discover Your Possible

Take a journey into the world of virtual reality, where you can experience firsthand what it’s like to lead an independent life with the use of prosthetic devices.

Through an immersive, 360-degree video experience, you will meet peers who have faced similar challenges, and see that, with support, hard work and the right clinical expertise, you, too, can lead an independent life.

When you wonder, “Can I do this?”, MiGO shows you what’s possible.

A Virtual Reality Experience

MiGO is a first-of-its kind virtual reality (VR) experience that provides hope and inspiration to the limb loss and limb difference community. Featuring the empowering stories of people thriving with prosthetic devices, MiGO shows users what is possible.

See Your Possible. Be Your Possible.

Download the App

Discover your possible with MiGOTM by Hanger Clinic. Once you have your VR goggles, download the app to get started.

​Text MIGO to 31996 for the download link, or search “MiGO VR” in the App Store.*

*The app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices at this time.

Help Using MiGO

For more information about how to use MiGO™ by Hanger Clinic, download the user guide.

​Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use MiGO?

For the MiGO experience, you need VR goggles, a smart phone, and the MiGO VR app.

What should I do if I experience dizziness?

If you experience discomfort or dizziness during the MiGO VR experience, remove your goggles immediately. Individuals who experience discomfort or are prone to motion sickness may prefer to watch the video instead of completing the full experience.

Who can I contact for help with the app?

Email MiGO@hanger.com if you need help with something not covered on this page or in the user guide.

What if my goggles break?

If you have problems with your MiGO VR goggles, email MiGO@hanger.com.