Foot Orthoses

Custom foot orthoses are occasionally used to manage foot pain as well as pain in other parts of your body. Depending on your individual needs, your orthotist/pedorthist will design a treatment plan just for you.

Custom Inserts for Pain Management

Often times, the pain you experience throughout your legs, knees, hip, and back start with improper motion in your feet. In fact, the way your feet land and push off the ground can impact the rest of your body, causing misalignment and even pain. Custom inserts help align your foot and ankle, aid with position and movement, and can be a preventative step in managing pain in other parts of your body.

Off-the-Shelf Inserts for Pain Management

Depending on your symptoms, inserts can be purchased online or in pharmacies and retail stores. Hanger Clinic offers an Amazon store for convenient ordering of these types of off-the-shelf inserts. These inserts can help resolve pain at a very low cost and are designed to provide the following:

  1. Control Foot & Ankle Motion During Physical Activity
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  2. Relieve Pressure from Pain in Foot
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  3. Arch Support for High Arch Pain
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If your needs are more significant or are causing issues beyond pain, it’s a good idea to get an opinion from a podiatrist or an orthotist who can help determine whether custom orthoses are the right solution for you.

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